Vape Influencer FAQS
What is Vape Influencer?

Vape Influencer is a game changing platform that puts the power in your hands! Each month, there will be tasks available for you to complete which focus on promoting a brand’s product or services. As an influencer, it’s up to you to pick the tasks you prefer and ultimately get rewarded for. Each task will contain a breakdown of the steps to follow, the rules to abide by, the content/design you’ll need to complete the task, and the reward you’ll get upon completion. All you need to do is follow the steps and submit your evidence for approval, it’s that simple! Are you ready? Your favourite brands are waiting for you! Should you have any more queries, please contact us via email at

What is expected of me as a Vape Influencer member?

As a member of Vape Influencer, you’ll be expected to complete tasks each month for the brands that are on our platform. In order to get paid, you’ll need to follow all task related steps and rules.

Where do I get artwork to publish from?

For tasks that do not require you to create your own content, artwork will be provided in the task details via Dropbox.

How do I download the provided artwork?

For mobile, either hold down on the image or click the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen. If you’re downloading on desktop, simply click the download button or right click on the image, then press save as.

When will I receive payment?

Payment will be sent in the first two weeks of the month.

When will my evidence be approved?

We will approve your evidence within two business days.

Do I need to state that this is a paid affiliation in my bio?

Yes, we require you to express this to your followers. Within your bio and every paid post you publish, ensure to use hashtags such as #Sponsored #paid #ad. We also advise following the paid promotion guidelines for each social platform that you publish on.

Will I receive free Vape Products?

Products are sent out to users who have active accounts i.e. those who are completing tasks on a regular basis at a minimum of 2 per week. Products will be sent out to active users for every new product launch or every 1-2 months.

How do I update my account information?

To update your account information, locate our Menu button in the top right corner, then select: Profile > Make changes > Update Profile. To update your account password, please contact us via email at

How do I submit evidence of the task?

When submitting evidence of tasks, please ensure to closely follow these steps. Select “Choose your task” then choose “Read the Steps and Rules”. Make sure to follow all steps and rules, then click “Submit Evidence”. Next, upload your screenshot and a link to your post through the URL field and “Add any notes” option if needed. Click “Submit Evidence”.

What should I include in evidence screenshots?

Your screenshot must be full sized and not cropped or edited. If necessary, include more than one screenshot to display the image and caption.

How is my “pay per task” calculated?

Each influencer’s account is evaluated prior to onboarding. At that point, a payment tier will be allocated to your account based on your following, engagement, posting consistency, content quality, content diversity, feed style, and community. Payment tiers are evaluated at the end of every quarter. If your tier is upgraded, you will be notified. Any requests to upgrade the payment tier will not be approved outside of the review period for each quarter.

Where can I find disapproved tasks?

Navigate to the menu and click the evidence option. From here, you’ll be able to find all of your approved and rejected tasks alongside feedback on why they were not approved.