Your Complete Guide to Vape Influencer

Your Complete Guide to Vape Influencer

Ready to grow your following, try awesome vape products for FREE, work with industry-leading vape brands, AND get paid for it? Vape Influencer is your key to all of this and more! 

To help you find your way and benefit the most from our platform, we’ve put together a helpful handbook complete with tips, tricks, and pointers. Simply follow our steps below, and your content will be flourishing in no time! 

Step 1: Signing Up 

Enrolling onto our platform couldn’t be easier: simply click the “Start Earning Now!” button located at the top right hand corner of our website, and you’ll be directed to our sign up form. Once you’ve sent off your application, our team will review your account and be in contact within the next three working days. 

Step 1: Getting Started

Now that you’re accepted onto the platform, you’ll have access to dozens of tasks which we update and review regularly. To view and choose tasks, you’ll simply need to log in. From here, you’ll be directed to our portal where you can browse through our available tasks until you find one that takes your fancy! 

Step 2: Creating Content 

To find out more details about a task, simply click the arrow next to the title. Once you’ve submitted evidence of the task’s completion, we’ll then approve this or give you feedback.

In order for your post to be approved, make sure to follow the detailed steps and requirements as stated on the task.

Step 3: Getting Paid 

After your task has been approved, we will store this in our system alongside your other completed tasks and pay you accordingly within the first two weeks of the following month. Voila! 

To see all of your pending and approved tasks, simply navigate to the “Evidence” tab via the portal. You can also view both your pending payments and total earned amount via the “Payments” tab, however this will always be shown at the top of the portal in full view. 

The amount that you earn each month will vary depending on how many tasks you decide to complete. Of course, this will be entirely up to you, but please be aware that you will need to create your own self assessment tax returns if necessary through 

The Vape Influencer Motto 

Be transparent: We advise adding #ad or #sponsored tags in your post to allow your followers to know that it is a sponsored post. Please ensure to check specific social media platform’s regulations on publishing paid posts. 

Work cooperatively: Ensure to keep up to date with all the best practices on influencer posts, for example using the appropriate hashtags. 

Follow the requirements: Before posting, make sure to check all of the requirements, such as how long the post will need to stay on your feed. 

Be authentic: Don’t post or share anything that you don’t agree with.